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Alexander Easson Esquire

Through hard work and thrift, Alexander Easson rose from the poverty of handloom weaving to the ownership of four linen manufacturing mills. He was heavily involved in public life and on retirement invested in property development in the city centre.

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Personal details and history

Full name

Alexander Easson

Date of birth


Place of birth




Marital status

Married 22-05-1833[2]

Name of spouse

Helen Carswell Dick[2]


Helen Christina:[1] Rufus:[3]

Home address

15 Wellington Street Dundee[4]

Age at death:

92 years[5][6]

Place of death:

15 Wellington Street, Dundee[5][6]

Date of death:

29-08-1888 [5][6]


Western Cemetery Perth Road Dundee (section 1X lair no. 41 )

Affiliations, clubs, offices and related subscribers

Religious affiliation

Old Scotch Independent Church[1]

Political affiliation


Clubs / societies

President of Dundee Liberal Association[1]

Public offices

1832 : Police Commission. At which time the Police Commission consisted of some ex officiis and twenty two representative members. It had no connection with the Town Council until the adoption of The Police Act.(13 & 14 c.33) 17th March 1851:[1] 1837-1849 Councillor, Hospital Master,Harbour Trustee:[1]

Related subscribers

Subscriber 38 – William Lindsay Boase who was in partnership with Alex Easson in the spinning & twine manufacturing factory at Johnshaven.

Career and worklife


Canvas Manufacturers[1]



Place of work

Cotton Road Dundee

Work address

Cotton Road[7][8][9]
Jamaica Street[9]
Caldrum Street[1]
Albert Street[1]
Commercial Street[1]
He also jointly owned a spinning and weaving factory in Johnshaven with Charles Clark[1] and subsequently William L Boase(connection)

Career to date:

Alexander Easson built up a very successful business in manufacturing linen. He was also very active in public affairs and a staunch supporter and lay preacher in the Old Scotch Independent Church.

More information

Alexander Easson was involved in public affairs for over 17 years until his resignation from the Town Council in 1849. His strongly held views and somewhat preachy style did not always endear him either to his fellow councillors or to the voters. As a consequence, he never attained high office although, in 1856, he stood as candidate for Lord Provost. He subsequently withdrew his candidature – probably as a result of adverse press comment. He retired from business in 1869 when steam power superseded hand labour. He then invested a large part of his money in property, erecting the elegant range of offices next to the Royal Exchange Buildings, subsequently purchased by the Chamber of Commerce. His extensive block in Euclid Street and Euclid Crescent were acquired by Miss Harris for the erection of the Girls High School.


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