Project Diary

The making of modern Dundee. The platform for today’s V&A Museum

By Chris Whatley

The Albert Institute was the centrepiece of an unprecedented programme of urban refurbishment. Find out more about the reasons for and what lead to the establishment of one of Dundee's finest buildings. Read the full story...

Published on 27 July 2018

Getting our numbers right: how many subscribers?

By Sue Moody

By February 1865 the number of subscribers to The Albert Institute was 327. So find out why we initially thought there were just 168 subscribers. Read the full story...

Published on 27 July 2018

The Subscribers

By Jim Tomlinson

The subscribers to the Albert Institute were a cross section of the (male) ‘middling sort’ and those above them in the economic hierarchy of the town. Women are grossly under-represented, typically appearing only where they were using money inherited from male relatives. Read about the mix of individuals that helped establish The Albert Institute. Read the full story...

Published on 27 July 2018

Extraordinary lives uncovered

By Becca Gauldie

Becca Gauldie is a researcher for McManus 168 and her incredible work for the project revealed a fascinating impression of Victorian Dundee. It would be... Read the full story...

Published on 29 June 2018

Western Cemetery

By Ann Prescott

Built out of necessity and at a time Dundee was growing in stature, the Western Cemetery became the resting place for many of Dundee's important and wealthy. Once described as "a sort of drawing room for swells on their way to Heaven.” Read the full story...

Published on 01 March 2018

The importance of honouring Prince Albert

By Eddie Small

The Albert Institute opened in time for the British Association for the Advancement of Science to hold their prestigous annual meeting in Dundee in 1867 but this story begins in Forfar in December 1861. Read the full story...

Published on 09 February 2018

A story about Victorian crowdsourcing

By Chris Whatley

The rich would have happily paid all the money to build the Albert Institute. So why did Sir David Baxter choose to raise some of the money through, what we call today, crowdsourcing? Read the full story...

Published on 27 November 2017

Dundee in the 1860s and the subscribers to the Albert Institute.

By Jim Tomlinson

The drive to raise money for the Albert Institute in the 1860s took place against the background of one of the most rapidly changing decades in the town’s history. Read the full story...

Published on 22 November 2017