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Messrs Charles Chalmers & Co

The flax spinning firm of 'Messrs Charles Chalmers & Co.' operated from the mill in North Tay Street, Dundee, for more than four decades. On the death of his father in 1859, Charles Chalmers Jnr succeeded to their profitable business.

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Details and history

Name of company:

Messrs Charles Chalmers & Co

Company address:

9 Bain Square[1][2]

Tay Street Mill[1]
North Tay Street[2]

Number of employees:

200 workers:[3] 300 hands:[4]

Nature of business:

Merchants and Flaxspinners[2]



Date ceased trading:

circa 1870[1]

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Tay Street Mill (founded circa 1798-1800)[6] was first operated by yarn spinners, David and Hugh Cathro.[7][6] Their business went into sequestration in 1812.[8] The mill was then advertised to let. Its subsequent operator proved to be Charles Chalmers Snr. although the exact date of takeover is uncertain.

‘Messrs Charles Chalmers & Co.’ became a merchant and flax spinning company from at least 1822, when it was run by Charles Chalmers Snr. It was at one stage, from the late 1820s,[9] titled ‘Chalmers & Hackney’ (Charles’ brother-in-law William).[9]

William Hackney died in 1841[10] and the company was thereafter operated by Charles Chalmers Snr., once more named ‘Charles Chalmers & Co.’ together with his son Charles as a partner. The death of Charles Chalmers Snr. in 1859[11] saw his son Charles becoming his sole beneficiary[2] and subsequent operator of  Tay Street Mill, with Alexander Maxwell as manger.

The company offices were located at 9 Bain Square, with ‘spinning mills, warehouses and ground at North Tay Street.’[2]

Charles Snr. was married to Catherine Hackney on the 8th March 1819[12] and Charles Jnr. was born 15 April 1821.[13] Charles Sr. died in 1859 of bronchitis.[14] Charles Jnr. did not marry and died on 15th July 1868 from paralysis of the legs and disease of the liver.[15]

The company still appeared in the Dundee Directory in 1869-70 although an advertisement was placed in the local press in August 1869, declaring the Tay Street Mill as available to be let once more.[16] The census of 1871 listed the resident of the house belonging to Charles, in Magdalen Yard, as none other than Alexander Maxwell. The census stated he was an employer of 23 men, 103 women and girls, 14 boys, implying that the company did not continue in some other capacity.[17]

Neswpaper articles showed the company took care of employees in that there were regular soirées and trips, paid by the company, for employees. On the occasion of the Prince of Wales’ marriage, as well as a  day off with pay, all female employees received a white wedding favour.

There was also frequent reference to donations from the workers and a legacy from Charles Jnr’s estate of £100 to Dundee Royal Infirmary.[18]


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