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Captain George Deuchars

Captain George Deuchars, "one of the most admired masters in the whaling industry," was master of several ships throughout his career. He was forced into an early retiral at the age of 40 due to paralysis.

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Personal details and history

Full name

George Deuchars

Date of birth


Place of birth




Marital status


Name of spouse

Ann Laurie[2]


George b 12-09-1859;[3] Jane Anne b 12-01-1866;[4]

Home address

Douglas Terrace
Broughty Ferry

Age at death:

41 years

Place of death:

Cuthlie, Arbirlot[5][6]

Date of death:



St Aidens Churchyard, Broughty Ferry[7]

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None known

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None known

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Subscriber no.88 – Messrs Gilroy Brothers & Co. owned the whaling ship ‘Alexander’ that was Deuchars’ last command.

Career and worklife


Ship's Captain



Place of work

At Sea

Work address

Gilroy Brothers, Dundee[8]

Career to date:

Captain George Deuchars was master of several whaling ships which sailed from Dundee, including the the 'Princess Charlotte'; the 'Alexander II' and the 'Narhwal.'[8] His father George was also a master of several of the Dundee whaling fleet. George Deuchars was forced into an early retiral after suffering from paralysis and died at the age of 41.

More information

The Deuchars are described as one of the most prolific whaling dynasties in Dundee with at least five whaling masters of that surname in nineteenth century Dundee, from Alexander b. 1808 to William b. 1849.[8]

Captain George Deuchars was the son of George Deuchars, Ship’s Captain, Merchant Service and  Jean Lawson.[1]. He married Ann Laurie, 12 December 1850[2] and had two children.

He was master of many ships, the final one being the screw whaler the Alexander, owned by Gilroy Brothers and Co. The Alexander was launched in February 1864[9]and left for its first voyage in March of the same year.[10] As a result of his illness, George Deuchars was forced to return early in October of the same year.[6]






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