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Mr George Hair Newall

Many years a Flax/Linen Merchant in the Cowgate in Dundee. Member of the Town Council and commission to manage the affairs of the new burgh of Broughty Ferry when it became an independent burgh in 1862. Chief Magistrate 1864-66 in Broughty Ferry

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Personal details and history

Full name

George Hair Newall

Date of birth


Place of birth




Marital status


Name of spouse

Eliza Syme Huie[2]


Eliza Syme Newall b,1848; George A Newall b. 1851; Rosalie Wilhelmina Newall b.1854; Emily G Newall B. 1859; William Newall b.1860

Home address

11 Hawkhill Place
Perth Road

Seafield Lodge
Magdalen Yard Road

Seabourne House
96 Monifieth Road
Broughty Ferry[4]


Clifton in Bristol

Age at death:

82 years[6]

Place of death:

Great Malvern, Upton-on-Severn, Worcestershire, England[6]

Date of death:



Probably Worcestershire

Affiliations, clubs, offices and related subscribers

Religious affiliation

East Free Church in Broughty Ferry[6]

Political affiliation

Not known

Clubs / societies

Elder of East Free Church in Broughty Ferry:[6] Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee:[7] Ordinary Director Seamen's Friends Society (Trinity House, Yeaman Shore):[8] Director Scottish Sea Insurance 3 King Street Dundee:[9] Dundee Floral and Horticultural Society:[10] Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society. Board of Directors for Dundee:[11]. One of the original subscribers to the High School Dundee:[6]

Public offices

The Burgess Roll of Dundee 1824:[7] Town Councillor:[12] Provost of Broughty - Ferry 1864-1866:[12]

Related subscribers

Career and worklife


Flax/Linen Merchant[6]


Self employed

Place of work

51,55 Cowgate[3]

Work address

51,55 Cowgate

12 Shepherds Lane
Perth Road

Weaving Shop:
43 Taylor's Lane

Career to date:

Many years a flax/linen merchant, member of the commission to manage the affairs of the new burgh of Broughty Ferry. He was chosen as the first Chief Magistrate, 1864-1866.

More information

George Hair Newall was born in 1800 in the Parish of Dundee to parents Walter Newall, Merchant and Shipowner in Dundee, and Janet Hair[1].

His father was also a Manager in the Dundee Whale Fishing Company in the Seagate area of the city[14]. His father, Walter Newall (1764-1846), was born in the Parish of New Abbey, Dumfries, son of William Newall of Punfold[15] and the Newall name is well documented in the historical records in Dumfries.[16]

His brother, Archibald Newall  (1821-1852), was a surgeon[17]  and another brother Robert Stirling Newall (1812-1889),[18] was an engineer and noted amateur astronomer[18].  By the late 1830s Robert Stirling Newall  was running a successful engineering company in Dundee, “with a strong reputation for innovation”[18]. His brother’s name is well known in  connection with the invention and manufacture of wire rope and he made  great improvements to undersea telegraph cables[18]. Robert Stirling Newall’s invention and manufacture is well documented in Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History[18]. Another brother, William Johnstone Newall, was also a merchant in Dundee[7].

Business History

George Hair Newall was for many years a flax/linen merchant in the Cowgate area of Dundee and he took “an active interest in promoting the welfare of the town[6].

The Dundee Courier, on the 9th September 1845, reported the following on George Hair Newall’s charitableness and assistance to the needy.

“In the beginning of 1842 the labouring population of Dundee were suffering much from want of employment and you kindly in conjunction with several other  gentlemen, proceeded to raise funds for their relief; and it was then resolved if practical and as a means of employment to those destitute people, to level and improve the Magdalen Green and make walks along its South boundary.[19]

He also took an active part in procuring funds for improving Magdalen Green in the west end of  Dundee close to his residence at Seafield Lodge[19].

In December 1846 he married Eliza Syme nee Huie  daughter of Richard Huie, Esq, M D of Dundee[20].

He sat on the town council  in Broughty Ferry and whilst  residing there  was active in managing the affairs of the new burgh. During part of his time in Broughty Ferry he was chosen as the First Chief Magistrate – from 1864 to 1866[12].  He was one of the promoters of the East Free Church in Broughty Ferry[6] and held office as an Elder in that congregation[6]. He was also one of the original subscribers to the High School in Dundee[6] as well as the Albert Institute in 1867 and was described, “as a most estimable gentleman, beloved by all who had the pleasure of making his acquaintance[6]“.




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