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Hector Turnbull Esquire

Member of a family of bleachers and calenderers who retired at a relatively young age, shortly after subscribing to the Albert Institute. He was of a retiring disposition, taking little part in public affairs.

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Personal details and history

Full name

Hector Turnbull

Date of birth

26-05-1814[1] Baptised 24-08-1821[2]

Place of birth

Mains & Strathmartine[1]



Marital status

Married 26-06-1860[3]

Name of spouse

Johan Small[3]


None known

Home address

1 Bank Street, Dundee, c.1846-1847.[4]
12 Forebank Road, Dundee, c.1850.[5]
14 Forebank Road, Dundee, c.1853-1854.[6]
3 Seafield Terrace, Broughty Ferry, c.1856-1859.[7]
Ardle Cottage, Maryfield Road, Forthill, Broughty Ferry, c.1861-1901.[8]

Age at death:


Place of death:

Broughty Ferry[9]

Date of death:




Affiliations, clubs, offices and related subscribers

Religious affiliation

Church of Scotland - Broughty Ferry Parish Church.[10]

Political affiliation


Clubs / societies

Committee, Hawkhill Bowling Club, c.1853-1854.[6]

Public offices

None known

Related subscribers

Subscriber no.39 – Dr Henry Boase – a partner in Turnbull & Co.

Subscriber no.29 – Sir David Baxter – a partner in Turnbull & Co and subsequently Boase & Co. at Claverhouse

Career and worklife


Cloth and yarn bleacher, yarn miller and calenderer.[11]



Place of work

Bleachfield and merchant's office

Work address

Claverhouse Bleachfield, Trottick. Dundee, c.1846-1862.[12]
25 St. Andrews Street, Dundee, c.1846-1857.[13]
41 St. Andrews Street, Dundee, c.1858-1862.[14]
22 Cowgate, Dundee, c.1846-1847.[4]
24 St. Andrews Place/24 Cowgate, Dundee, 1850-1854.[15]

Career to date:

Hector Turnbull followed his father and brother into the family business as cloth and yarn bleachers, calenderers and packers.[4] The Bleachfield was located at Claverhouse with the calender works and office in Dundee.[4] He married shortly before the subscription to the Albert Institute[3] and retired from active participation in the business soon afterwards.[10]

More information

Hector Turnbull was the son of Hector Turnbull and Margaret Jacobina Walker, having been born at Mains & Strathmartine in 1814,[1] although apparently not baptised until 1821.[2] His father would set up the firm of Turnbull & Co., bleachers and calenderers, Cowgate and Claverhouse[16] about the time of the young Hector’s birth.[17] It has been recorded that there had been a Bleachfield at Claverhouse from the end of the 18th century, having been operated at the time by Thomas Collier & Co.[17] By 1814, the firm of Turnbull & Co. was founded by Hector Turnbull, in partnership with William Baxter.[17] Henry Samuel Boase’s arrival in Dundee in 1838 saw him enter into partnership, as managing partner, within the bleaching company of Messrs Tunbull & Co, at Claverhouse.[18] It was reputed to have been the largest Dundee bleachfield of the early 19th century and was fed by a system of lades, ponds and dams.[19]

Hector Turnbull’s son, John, then the managing proprietor of the works, died in 1847. Hector Turnbull junior, the subscriber to the Albert Institute, retired in the early 1860s.[10] In 1865, Turnbull & Co., described as ‘bleachers of Claverhouse, yarn millers at Trottick and calenderers in Dundee,’ was then owned by the co-partnery of Sir David Baxter and Henry Samuel Boase.[20] By December of 1865, the name of the firm changed to ‘Boase & Co,’ with Sir David Baxter owning half the company – the other half was held by Henry Samuel Boase and his 2nd son, Alfred.[20]

Hector Turnbull junior married in 1860[3] had Ardle Cottage built[10] and named, presumably, in honour of his wife’s Perthshire roots. She was the second daughter of Patrick Small Esq. of Dirnanean.[21] Hector seems to have spent the next forty years in retirement in Broughty Ferry.[8] The couple provided a home for two nieces, Emily and Mary Brown, who had been born in New South Wales, Australia.[22][23]

His wife pre-deceased him in 1890, aged 60.[24] Their nieces remained with Hector through his old age.[25] He died at Broughty Ferry on 26 July 1901, aged 87,[9] and left an estate valued at £10,523 11s. 3d.[26] He was described as being of “a retiring disposition” and took no part in public affairs.[10] He was a Liberal in politics, being an admirer of Mr. Gladstone.[10] He was also described as “a staunch churchman” who was a member of Broughty Ferry Parish Church.[10]


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