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James Parker Shaw Esquire

James P. Shaw was an employer of thirty men in a calendering business founded by his father and also a jute merchant. James enjoyed a very comfortable lifestyle which ended abruptly with the sudden collapse of his business.

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Personal details and history

Full name

James Parker Shaw

Date of birth


Place of birth

Strathmartine, Forfarshire[1]



Marital status

Married 31-10-1844, [2][3] - see Comments

Name of spouse

Jemima Shaw or Henderson[2][4]


Jemima born 1846, Daughter died 1850[5], Elizabeth Shaw born 1852, William Shaw born 1853, Charlotte Maria Shaw born 1858, James Walter Shaw born 1861, Sylvia L born 1862, Catherine (Katrine on 1891 census) born 1867

Home address

1851 Just's Cottages, Newport on Tay[6]
1853 2, William Street, Forebank, Dundee[7]
1857 Blackness Terrace (now Perth Road West of junction with Hyndford St.[8]
1863 West Ferry[9]
1900 301, West 139th Street, Manhattan, New York, New York[10] see Comments

Age at death:

83 - see Comments

Place of death:

New York[11] - see Comments

Date of death:

26-11-1901[11] - see Comments


Evergreen Cemetery, New York[11] - see Comments

Affiliations, clubs, offices and related subscribers

Religious affiliation


Political affiliation


Clubs / societies

Director, Cemetery Company, 1850-1871.

Public offices


Related subscribers

Subscriber no.186 – Pattullo & Thornton – agents for the Dundee Western Cemetery Company

Career and worklife


Calenderer and merchant[12]


Partner with father and then owner[13]

Place of work


Work address

17 Queen Street, Dundee - calenderer[14]
3, Fenton Street, Dundee - merchant[15]

Career to date:

James Parker Shaw was born on the 21st April 1818 to William and Helen Shaw[1]. His father farmed at Strathmartine near Dundee but by the time that James had grown up he had moved into Dundee and set up business as a calenderer and packer[16]. James followed him into the business first, probably, as an employee but then as a partner, and finally he became sole owner on his father’s death. In addition to the calendering business, which employed 30 hands according to the 1861 census[12], he started a business as a jute merchant[15]. This seems to have involved exporting jute rather than manufacturing it. He also appears as a director of Dundee West Cemetery Company which by 1871 was one of the early public companies which made possible limited liability[17]. To judge by his house moves, his business interests prospered for, after living with his wife and family in a modest house in Just’s Cottages (also known as Just’s Land) in what is now West Road, Newport on Tay[6], he moved in the early 1850s to a larger house at Blackness Terrace, Dundee[8]. This is now part of the north side of Perth Road running east from the junction with Hyndford Street. In 1863 he moved to a much grander house at 3 Victoria Road, West Ferry now known as Rosendael, a veterans’ home[9]. This had three public rooms and seven bedrooms set in two acres of grounds[18]. In 1844 he had married Jemima Henderson[2] and they had eight children, one of whom died in infancy. Mrs. Shaw took part in civic events for we find her named as one of the ladies who would accept donations for “A grand fancy bazaar, in aid of the funds of the Dundee and Broughty Ferry … companies of the Forfarshire Artillery, and the 10th & 11th Highland Rifle Volunteers”, to be held in the Corn Exchange Hall[19]. In March 1863 Mr. and Mrs. Shaw and their eldest daughter (also Jemima) attended a Conversazione and Ball to mark the marriage of the Prince of Wales[20].

More information

In March 1869 Shaw’s comfortable world collapsed with dramatic suddenness when his jute business became insolvent. He was reported to owe somewhere in the region of £25 – 30,000, the equivalent, on a conservative estimate, of around £3 million in today’s money[21].  After first agreeing a composition with creditors of 4 shillings in the pound[22] he was sequestrated (made bankrupt) when he could not honour even this agreement[23][24].  His house was quickly on the market[9] and both his jute business and his other assets such as the calendering business will have been sold for the benefit of the creditors.

From the newspaper reports Shaw was the victim of the collapse of one his major customers in England, a company called Cowan, Heatley & Co who in turn had been ruined by the insolvency of one of their trading partners in Glasgow[21].  His wife and family (though apparently not James) moved to what we would now call a house in multiple occupation in the Nethergate[25] and later, to addresses in Broughty Ferry, where she lived with her children and took in lodgers[26].

What happened to James?  After his sequestration he disappears from newspapers and census records and it has not been possible to find a record of his death in UK records.  However, it seems reasonable to suppose that he abandoned his wife and family. As early as the 1871 census Mrs. Shaw is recorded as head of the household[25] and this is the case in 1881 also[27]. The answer, it seems, is that he fled to the United States and started a new life in New York City.

US records on Ancestry have a 1900 US census for a James P Shaw born in Scotland in April 1818 (US censuses at that time did not give the day of birth)[10]. This fits with our James Parker Shaw who was born on 21st April 1818.  He is described as a cashier and clerk living in a rented house in New York city.   The passenger list shows that he arrived in New York on the China from Liverpool on 24th May 1871[28]. It gives his age as 50 which is not quite accurate but this would not be a matter of much importance to the shipowner.  Despite this inaccuracy it seems highly unlikely that two James P. Shaws born in Scotland in April 1818 migrated to the US at about the same time. There is also circumstantial evidence to support this version of events.  In Victorian Scotland bankruptcy carried a severe stigma and James Shaw would not have been welcomed by his old associates in Dundee some of whom will have been his creditors. He also had a New York connection through a company, James Shaw & Co, which is referred to in reports of his bankruptcy[23]. The urge to leave Scotland must have been very strong.

There is one further twist: the US census states that he was married to Elisabeth Shaw (also born in Scotland) in 1880.  Was he a bigamist? It has not been possible to find a marriage record in New York. This is not conclusive as, until 1881, registration of marriages was not compulsory in New York. However, it is quite possible that he and “Mrs. Shaw” may not have gone through a marriage ceremony but were living together.  The census enumerator would not have the time, nor probably the interest, to question what Shaw told him

If this supposition is correct James Parker Shaw worked as a clerk and cashier in New York and died there on 26 Nov 1901 aged 83.  He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, New York[11].



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