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Mr James Milln

James Milln (1827-1871) Banker (senior manager/banking inspector). Born in England, addresses in England. No known address in Scotland.

Subscription value in 1863:


Relative to inflation up to 2024:


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Personal details and history

Full name

James Milln

Date of birth

about 1827

Place of birth



Marital status


Name of spouse

Mary Moorhouse Stocks[1]


Esther Ann Milln[2]

Home address

Addiscombe Lodge

Age at death:

about 44

Place of death:

Addiscombe Lodge, Croydon, Surrey[3]

Date of death:



Not known

Affiliations, clubs, offices and related subscribers

Religious affiliation

Not Known

Political affiliation

Not known

Clubs / societies

None known

Public offices

None known

Related subscribers

William Moon, merchant (Moon, Langlands & Co) subscriber No: 160 – Mary’s older sister Anne was married to William.[4]

Career and worklife


Bank Manager/Inspector[5]



Place of work

The National Bank of Scotland[2]

Work address

37 Nicholas Lane
City of London[3]

Career to date:

More information

James Milln was employed by the National Bank of Scotland as a manager/banking inspector. “…Established in 1825 as National Banking Company of Scotland.  In 1831 the bank received a royal charter and changed its name to National Bank of Scotland. In 1843 it opened its Glasgow Office, and in 1864 was the first Scottish bank to open an office in London.”[5]

He was a difficult person to research,  given that his two home addresses were in England, but he was clearly a very senior bank officer, travelling between England and Scotland (with no known address in Scotland) presumably discharging a regulatory function within the bank. His £20 subscription marks him out as a very wealthy man in his own right (notional value at 2018: Relative to Income £16,000).

James’ wife Mary was the second daughter (of 5) of James Stocks and Esther Moorhouse. James Stocks was a woollen manufacturer in Honley, Yorkshire. The business, which he ran with his son James Moorhouse Stocks, employed 17 men, 22 women, 10 boys, and 2 girls.[6]


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