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John Jack Jr Esquire

The son of the Dundee Harbour Master and became a ship agent, ship chandler and bonded store merchant as a young man. He owned various ships with his partner, George Welch, but became an Edinburgh wine merchant in later life.

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Personal details and history

Full name

John Jack Jr

Date of birth


Place of birth




Marital status


Name of spouse

Helen Matthew Whitson - married 1854[2]


Margaret Matthew (c.1855-1879):[3][4] John Hill (c.1857-1938):[3][4] Helen Catherine Hill (1858-1883):[3][4] Agnes Whitson (1860-1864):[3][4] Adam Whitson (1863-1864):[4] James (1866-1950):[5]

Home address

Shore Terrace, Dundee, c.1853-1854.[6]
Freerton Grove, 57 Magdalen Green, Dundee, c.1856-1872.[7]

Age at death:

81 years[4]

Place of death:

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand[4]

Date of death:



Western Cemetery, Dundee (compartment 11 lairs 22 a,b,c,g,h,j.)[8] - Cremated at Karori, Wellington, New Zealand - ashes interred in Western Cemetery[4]

Affiliations, clubs, offices and related subscribers

Religious affiliation


Political affiliation


Clubs / societies

Committee, Dundee Mutual Marine Insurance Association, c.1858-1859. Committee, Dundee Model Lodging-House Association, c.1858-1872. Director, Dundee Insustrial Schools Society, c.1858-1865. Commissioner, Dundee Shipping Insurance Association/Dundee Shipping and Dundee Shipping Freight Insurance Associations, c.1861-1868. Director, Watt Institution, c.1861-1868. Scribe N, Union Royal Arch, Chapter No.6, Masonic Lodge, c.1861-1862. Captain, Dundee Rifle Volunteer Corps, 1st Forfarshire, c.1861-1862. Committee, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, c.1867-1872. Vice President, Dundee Horticultural Society, c.1869-1872.[7]

Public offices

None known

Related subscribers

Career and worklife




Partner in Welch & Jack, ship agents.[10]

Place of work

Ship agents

Work address

45 Dock Street, Dundee, c.1850.
49 Dock Street, Dundee, c.1856-1857.
15 & 52 Dock Street, Dundee, c.1858-1859.
Candle Lane, Dundee, c.1861-1865.[11]
Dock Street, Dundee, c.1865.[9]

Career to date:

John Jack became a ship agent at an early age. His father was the Dundee Harbour Master, so shipping was no doubt in the blood.[1] He went into partnership with George Welch, a former shipmaster about 1850. The partners were also ship chandlers and bonded store merchants.[10] The firm owned a number of ships: Lydia (built 1826), Risk (built 1848), Star (built 1855), Malay (built 1857), Garland (built 1849), Elizabeth (built 1844), Eliza (built 1849) and Robert Finnie (built 1829).

More information

John Jack’s father was born in Ferry Port on Craig (Tayport) and served for many years as Harbour Master in Dundee. In 1854 John Jack junior married Helen Matthew Whitson, who was born in Bendochy, Perthshire.

John’s partnership with George Welch was dissolved around 1866. By this time Welch had become manager of the Tay Whale Fishing Co., Whale Lane, Dundee.[12] John Jack remained in Dundee for a few more years, but had left Dundee by the mid 1870s. By 1881 he was a wine merchant living with his family at 48 Lauder Road, Edinburgh.[13] Presumably his experiences as a bonded store merchant stood him in good stead for this new career.


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