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John Ogilvie Esquire

A member of a prominent Dundee family which boasted former Provosts, John Ogilvie was the third generation to join the family firm of writers titled 'J & J Ogilvie.' His untimely death arrived only two years after that of his father.

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Personal details and history

Full name

John Ogilvie

Date of birth


Place of birth




Marital status


Name of spouse

Anne Maxwell[2]


James (1842): Anne (1843): Rachel (1847): Elizabeth Stormonth (1849): John Maxwell (1850): George (1851): William Maxwell (1852): Andrew Jameson (1854): Unamed (1856): Mary Isabella (1859): Margaret Maxwell Bethune (1863):

Home address

2 Hawkhill Place[3]

4 Park Place[4][5]

Age at death:

59 years[6]

Place of death:

4 Park Place, Dundee[6]

Date of death:



Western Cemetery

Affiliations, clubs, offices and related subscribers

Religious affiliation

Free Church[7] - a member of St Peter's Free Church[7] - was also an office bearer[7]

Political affiliation


Clubs / societies


Public offices

Sheriff Substitute[7]

Related subscribers

Subscriber  166 – James B Nicoll – a neighbour of the Ogilvies, living at 3 Park Place

Subscriber  170 – Andrew Ogilvie – brother of John Ogilvie

Subscriber 240 – P H Thoms – father in law of John Ogilvie’s niece, Rachel Jameson Duncan

Subscriber 242 – T W Thoms – husband of John Ogilvie’s niece, Rachel Jameson Duncan

Subscriber 252 – Miss Whitson – an ‘aged relative’ (according to John Ogilvie’s daughter, Mary Isabella)

Career and worklife




Partner[5] - in partnership with his father, James Ogilvie

Place of work

J & J Ogilvie, writers[5]

Work address

3 New Inn Entry[3][5]
High Street

Career to date:

John Ogilvie entered the law office of his father, James Ogilvie, circa 1833.[7] He was the third generation of his family to have followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, John Ogilvie, who founded the law firm in Dundee in the later 1760s.[8] The office of 'J & J Ogilvie' was forever located at 3 New Inn Entry, High Street, Dundee. The firm built a creditable reputation, with his father earning the nickname of 'Honest John.'

More information

John Ogilvie was born the eldest son of James Ogilvie, writer, and his wife, Rachel Jameson.[1] His father was a notable figure in Dundee having been described, when he died in 1867, as ‘the oldest solicitor in the town.[8]

John Ogilvie’s grandfather, also John Ogilvie, founded his law firm in Dundee in the later 1760s,[8] with his father, James Ogilvie, entering into partnership around 1802,[8] under the designation of  ‘J Ogilvie & Son.’[8]

Continuing with tradition, John Ogilvie, and subsequently, his own son, John were entwined within the family firm – firstly as ‘J & J Ogilvie’[5] and, finally (by the later 1860s) as ‘John, James & John Ogilvie,’[9] (sometimes ‘J J & J Ogilvie’).[9]

Their business was located on the High Street at 3 New Inn Entry.[5][10]

The extended Ogilvie families lived in the fashionable district at the west end of the Nethergate. John Ogilvie and his family resided at 4 Park Place,[10] with his father, James Ogilvie residing at the south corner of the same street, at 1 Park Place, fronting the Nethergate.[10]

John Ogilvie remained in business for 36 years. His abilities as a lawyer had always been acknowledged and ‘by the members of the bar, Mr Ogilvie was very much esteemed.’[7]

It was declared that;

‘His appointment as one of the Sheriff Substitutes in Dundee was regarded with great satisfaction and in that capacity he invariably acted with the utmost discretion.[7]

John Ogilvie’s death in 1869 came as a result of having contracted typhus fever. At the time, the youngest of his children was merely 6 years old. In a short period over 1869/70, his wife Anne had endured the loss of her husband, her eldest son, James and a daughter Elizabeth (Bessie).[11]

This man, coming as he did from a respected firm of solicitors, or writers as they were then called could claim a respected profile in the town among his colleagues and associates. As a family man in a Victorian age, his second youngest daughter, Mary, reported;

‘Coming after so many brothers and sisters I did not know my father very well. He used to play with me sometimes, and had a wonderful trick of making half-a-crown go through the table, (of course it went through for I heard it fall into the cup below!) but I should have welcomed more tokens of affection. Children should grow up lapped in love.’[11]

A wistful note which could never grow fonder as her father, John Ogilvie, died while she was 10 years old.


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