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D & W Crabb

A family business of slaters, founded by brothers who had previous experience of working for an uncle in this trade. The business was successfully carried on by David Crabb after his younger brother, William Crabb, died in 1849.

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Details and history

Name of company:

D & W Crabb

Company address:

Brown Street

Number of employees:

19 (1881)[1]

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Related Subscribers

Subscriber no.4 George Armitstead and  subscriber no.18 Edward Baxter  were also members of the Ward Chapel Congregational Church along with David Crabb.


Biography & early working life

David Crabb was born in 1805 and William Craigie Crabb was born in 1813, both in Dundee, the sons of John Crabb and Helen Hedderwick.[3] David was admitted to the Three United Trades (Masons, Wrights & Slaters) as apprentice to his uncle William Craigie, in February 1827 and William was admitted in September 1834.[4] The earliest record of David working as a slater in his own right is in the Dundee Directory, 1837-38.[5]  He married Mary Lawrence from Perth in 1845.[6] In 1844, both brothers were admitted as master slaters to the Three United Trades and both brothers were active in the activities of the Trade, holding various offices from 1844 onwards.[4]

D & W Crabb Slaters  the Business

D & W Crabb Slaters was in business from 1845 until 1881. The business was formed by David and William Crabb when a previous incarnation of Craigie & Crabb, Slaters, was dissolved in 1845 on the death of their uncle William Craigie.[7]  William Crabb died in 1849 and David carried on the business alone. David  retired in 1881 when he transferred the business to two long standing employees, James Alexander and William Low, in 1881 when David was 75 years old.[2]

Other interests

As well as managing the slating business, David was a director of the Forfarshire Building Society from its earliest days.[8] He was a member of the Dundee Harbour Board and was associated with the congregation of the Ward Chapel from its formation. He is reported as having had no political interests.[9]

Death & will

David died in 1883 just over two years after retiring.[10]. His estate was valued at £10,176.[11]


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