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Mr David Hildesheim

David Hildesheim donated £50 to the Albert Institute. He was the partner in Lipman & Co who organised the company donation of £50. He also donated items to the Watt's Institute Museum, a part of the new museum and gallery.

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Personal details and history

Full name

David Hildesheim

Date of birth


Place of birth




Marital status

Married 16-06-1861 at Hamburg, Germany[1]

Name of spouse

Suzette Warburg[1]


Alice (1862), Adolph (1863), Olga (1864), Paul (1865), Max (1867), Evelyn (1868), Ernest (1871), Hannchen Gertrude (1873), Hermann (1874), Oscar (1876), Caroline (1877) [1]

Home address

6 Strawberrybank, Dundee. Lodger, 1861.[2]
Osborne Villa,17 Magdalen Yard Road, Dundee. 1871.[3]
Hampstead, London, 1891-1901.[4]
52 Upper Park Road, Hampstead, London, 1911.[4]

Age at death:


Place of death:

52, Upper Park Road, Haverstock Hill, Middlesex, London, England.[5]

Date of death:




Affiliations, clubs, offices and related subscribers

Religious affiliation


Political affiliation


Clubs / societies

Member of the Chamber of Commerce. On board of DRI.[6] Active shareholder in the Albert Institute, regularly attending meetings.[6]

Public offices

None known.

Related subscribers

Subscriber no.133 – Messrs Lipman and Co –  set up by his maternal Uncle.

Subscriber no.102 Kenneth Henderson – near neighbour in Magdalen Green/ Magdalen Yard Road

Career and worklife


Linen merchant


Partner in Lipman & Co.

Place of work

Messrs Lipman & Co.[6]

Work address

25 Meadowside, Dundee, Lipman &Co,, Merchants and sack manufacturers. Works at 23 Meadowside.[7]

Career to date:

Isaac Lipman, David Hildesheims's maternal uncle, established Lipman and Co, Commission Agents, in Dundee in 1844. David had joined the company by 1856. There was some confusion about what business Lipman and Co was doing. Hildesheim is recorded as a 'linen agent' in the 1861 and 1871 censuses. He retired from the business in 1881. Jute was not producing such easy fortunes and New York had become more established in its own right. The partnership between Isaac Lipman and Malta Wulf in Hamburg, and David Hildesheim in London, was finally dissolved in 1882, with Lipman and Wulf continuing the business.[6]

More information

The name HILDESHEIM has a variety of spellings in the research notes. Hildersherin (1891 census), Hildesleem (1901 census). A Public Member Family Tree records a number of the children as Hildesheim or Hilton (presumably an anglicised version of their surname).

In the 1861 census, Hildesheim was recorded as a lodger at 6 Strawberrybank, Dundee. He was sharing a house with a 59 year old Writer’s widow and her 19 year old son and 16 year old daughter. There were 8 other lodgers, ranging from a writer, bank clerk, linen agent and a linen merchant and a drainage contractor and his wife and two young children. Two domestic servants were also included.[2]

He married Suzette Warburg in Hamburg, Germany in June 1861.  The marriage was announced in the Dundee Courier, showing how much he had become part of Dundee life.[6] They had their first child, Alice, in May 1862. Their address was given as 1 Strawberrybank, Dundee.[8]

The 1871 census recorded David Hildesheim as a naturalised British Subject, born in Germany. The Hildesheims were a cultured family who were interested in the Arts. David loaned paintings to exhibitions and their son, Herman, attended the Slade School of Art.[6]

When David Hildesheim died in 1924, he left £21,819 2s. 7d. This was recorded as to be divided between Adolph Hilton, esquire and Olga Hilton, spinster. Adolph was his oldest son and Olga his second oldest daughter. There was no mention of the other children, some of whom were still alive in 1924.[9] A number of family members are recorded with the surname Hildesheim or Hilton in the David Hildesheim Public Member Family Tree.



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  • Subscriber entry for Messrs Lipman &Co

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