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Mr Patrick Small Dow

Patrick Dow was a successful, commercial shipping accountant with Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Company. Married to Margaret Ower, he had three children, Margaret, Marjory and William. He was well known and respected amongst civic society and the local shipping community.

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Personal details and history

Full name

Patrick Small Dow

Date of birth


Place of birth

Merklands,[1] Kirkmichael,[1] Perthshire[3]



Marital status


Name of spouse

Margaret Ower[4][5]


Margaret Craig (22-07-1848): Marjory Anderson (b.17-01-1850): William Anderson (18-08-1851)[6]

Home address

1850: 81 Hawkhill[7]
1853: 42 Park Wynd[8]
1856-65: 41 Park Wynd[9]
1867-1898: Owner & occupier of 17 Magdalen Yard Road / corner of Greenfield Place[10]

Age at death:

78 years[11]

Place of death:


Date of death:



Western Cemetery:[13] Compartment 7, Lair 191

Affiliations, clubs, offices and related subscribers

Religious affiliation

Free Church: Patrick Dow became an elder of St John's Free Church, Small's Wynd[14]

Political affiliation


Clubs / societies


Public offices

Trustee of the Harbour of Dundee[15] Director of the Dundee Property & Investment Building Society[16]

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Subscriber    75 – James R. Fleming – colleague in the Dundee Perth  & London Shipping Co.

Subscriber 210 – John Stevenson – father of Patrick Dow’s son-in-law, James Stevenson


Career and worklife





Place of work

Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Company[9][17]

Work address

5 Shore Terrace[9][17]

Career to date:

Patrick Dow was a young man in his mid twenties when he became a clerk with the 'Dundee & Hull Shipping Company.'[18] His post as 'clerk' would appear to have incorporated the skills of book keeping, at which he apparently became proficient. In 1857, the 'Dundee & Hull Shipping (Steam Packet) Company' was acquired by the 'Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Company,'[19] at which point, Patrick Dow retained his position after the merger. Continuing as he did, Patrick ultimately became cashier / book-keeper / accountant to the company.[20] He was described as a "painstaking and trustworthy servant"[20] - worthy and necessary attributes no doubt. Thomas Couper had been appointed manager of the D,P & L Co. in the early 1850s.[21] His working relationship with Patrick Dow was to continue for decades to come.

More information

Patrick Dow was born to John Dow and Marjory Anderson at Kirkmichael, Perthshire. He gained his early education at Ballintuim[20] and is reported to have arrived in Dundee, as a youth,[20] in the mid 1830s. He was later to be joined in Dundee (from Kirkmichael) by his younger siblings Bathia and James, who forged their own lives in the town.

By the early 1840s, Patrick had entered into the busy trading of the Dundee shipping scene, as clerk to the ‘Dundee & Hull Shipping Company.’  This was the same Company which owned the ‘Forfarshire,’ which was wrecked off the Farne Islands, giving rise to the heroic story of Grace Darling.[19]

Having secured a position as ‘clerk,’ Patrick married Margaret Ower in 1846 and the couple produced three children by 1851. His working life remained constant. Having begun work in the early 1840s, Patrick Dow remained with the same Company, (even after a merger) until his retirement around 1897 – more than 50 years. Such was his service and loyalty, that the Directors of DP&L awarded him with a pension on his departure.[21]

Patrick’s wife Margaret died in 1885. He remained in his position as accountant and also remained resident at Magdalen Yard Road. However, having retired in the late summer of 1897, he took a major decision. Eight months prior to his death in 1898, Patrick Dow advertised his long term residence, in Magdalen Yard Road, for sale by private bargain. Two months later, in February 1898, he purchased a dwelling in Albany Terrace from Mr David Stewart.[22] His daughter Marjory and her family took up residence at Albany Road. Patrick’s death came six months later. Sadly, his daughter Marjory outlived her father  by a mere eight months. She was survived by her husband James Stevenson (of F & J Stevenson, dyers) and a young family.

Patrick Dow, over many decades, gained insight and knowledge in his dealings at DP&L, enabling him to have made some judicious purchases in stocks and shares. His estate amounted to almost £10,000.[12] He also received £50 from a Margaret Mathewson in her will, her brother being William Mathewson a fellow colleague at D.P. & L. and member of the local Marine Board[23]


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