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Robert Grimman Kennedy Esquire

Robert Kennedy was, from 1864, a linen and jute manufacturer at Wellington Works, Dundee. Prior to that, he was employed by Messrs A. & D. Edward & Co. He became a Justice of the Peace and actively supported many local institutions.

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Personal details and history

Full name

Robert Grimman Kennedy

Date of birth

01-11-1832 (baptised 12-12-1832)[1]

Place of birth




Marital status

Married (13-09-1865)[2][3]

Name of spouse

Ann Sturrock[2][3]


Alice Arnot, born 1868: Francis Howard, born 1873: Edwin Sturrock, born 1875: Robert Ernest, born 1879:

Home address

36 Nethergate[4]

29 Union Street[5]

Lower Crescent[6][7][8]
Magdalen Green

6 Union Terrace[9][10]

2 Balgillo Crescent[11][12]
Broughty Ferry

The Pines[13][14]
Seafield Road
Broughty Ferry

Age at death:

79 years[15]

Place of death:

The Pines, Seafield Road ,Broughty Ferry[15]

Date of death:




Affiliations, clubs, offices and related subscribers

Religious affiliation

Presumed Established Church - based on forms at time of marriage[2]

Political affiliation


Clubs / societies

Dundee Choral Society[16]

Public offices

Justice of the Peace:[17] Governor of University College Dundee:[17] Vice President Dundee Royal Infirmary:[17] Director, later Vice President, Dundee Institution for the Blind:[17]

Related subscribers

Subscriber   70 – Allan Edward – Robert Kennedy was employed by A. & D. Edward before acquiring his own business.

Subscriber   72 – James Edward – Robert Kennedy was employed by A. & D. Edward before acquiring his own business.

Subscriber 148 – Messrs Malcolm, Ogilvie & Co – Robert Kennedy’s sister in law was Adelina Perchard Malcolm, daughter of George Malcolm, flax spinner.

Subscriber 162 – W. R. Morison –  Robert Kennedy acquired Wellington Works from W.R. Morison.

Career and worklife


Flax Spinner and Manufacturer[7]



Place of work

Wellington Works[8]

Work address

Wellington Works[8]
Wellington Street

10 Panmure Street

Career to date:

Robert Grimman Kennedy began his working life on the clerical staff of the Aberdeen Shipping Company under his grandfather.[17] He then became a clerk for Messrs A. & D. Edward & Co., Dundee, with whom he remained for fifteen years.[17] By 1861, Robert Kennedy was described as a flax spinner and manufacturer.[7] In 1864, Robert Kennedy purchased Wellington Works, Wellington Street, Dundee, from Mr. W. R. Morison and from that time, carried on the business with considerable success.[Obit ] Also, by 1864, shortly after pledging his subscription, 'R G Kennedy & Co.', was reported to be operating with 1 engine, of 10 hp, driving 35 power looms and providing work for 120 hands at his Wellington Street Works.[18]

More information

Robert Grimman Kennedy was born in Dundee on 1st November 1832, to John Kennedy, shipowner, and Matilda Sturrock.[1] Robert would have been around 25 years of age when his father, John, died suddenly at Christiansand in Norway, in 1857.[19] It was reported that his father had sailed to Norway to look after the wreck of the ‘Louisa of Dundee,’ which had been wrecked in November of 1856.[19] A few years later, Robert’s older brother John, also a shipmaster, lived within a separate household. It would appear that it fell to Robert to support his widowed stepmother, younger sisters and brother and the family was to be found at Lower Crescent House, Magdalen Green, by 1861.[7]

In 1863, Robert Kennedy was not yet fully established in his career as a flax spinner and manufacturer. He was still to acquire ‘Wellington Works.’ This he did in 1864. Purchased from W R Morison, Wellington Works consisted of power loom sheds during the 1860s.[20] Further development saw it become a ‘4-storey, 8 bay front, with iron framed ground floor and wooden floors above,’ by 1874.[20]

By 1865, Robert Grimman Kennedy, aged 32 years, married his younger (by 12 years) cousin, Ann Sturrock at Burnhead, Auchterhouse.[2] The couple were eventually to make their family home in the more salubrious surroundings of Broughty Ferry.

During the 1870s, Robert Kennedy’s younger brother, James Stewart Kennedy, joined the firm. He too had risen through the ranks from having earlier been a commercial clerk in the flax trade. Their older brother, John, previously a master mariner, turned his hand to the business of rope and sail making.[21] He, along with his partner, James Rae, operated from Step Row.[21] John’s death, early in 1890, heralded a grisly event, when his partner took his life by cutting his throat with a penknife, within their premises in Dock Street.[22] A report in the local press suggested ‘Financial embarrassment in consequence of the death of his partner, Mr Kennedy, is assigned as the cause of the act.’[22]

In later life, Robert Grimman Kennedy took a sympathetic interest in the charitable life of the city and held a number of public offices.[17] He became Vice-President of the Dundee Royal Infirmary and held a similar office in the Dundee Institution for the Blind.[17] He was also a member of the Dundee Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.[17] He became a Justice of the Peace for the County and City of Dundee and also served on the bench for the Dundee District of the County of Forfar.[17] He was identified with the affairs of  University College, Dundee, becoming a Life Governor.[17]

Robert Grimman Kennedy died 26 July 1912, at his home, ‘The Pines,” Broughty Ferry. The firm he established, ‘R G Kennedy & Co,’ closed in 1970.[20] An outline plan, made some years earlier in 1961, for the redevelopment of nearly 15 acres in the Hilltown area, was drawn up at an estimated cost of £2 million.[23] One of the casualties of the proposed scheme was ‘Wellington Jute Works,’ under ownership of ‘R G Kennedy & Co, Textiles Ltd.’ [23]the end of a firm which had survived for more than 100 years.


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