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Strachan, Kinmond & Co

A partnership based at the East Port Calender in Cowgate that survived with two of the original partners for over thirty years.

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Details and history

Name of company:

Strachan, Kinmond & Co

Company address:

104 Cowgate, Dundee, c.1850-1868.[1]
East Port Calender, 100 Cowgate, Dundee, c.1869-1908.[2]

Number of employees:


Nature of business:

Merchants[3] and Calenderers[4]



Date ceased trading:



Strachan, Kinmond & Co. was a partnership between James Strachan (b.c.1813 – d. 27 November 1881[6]) and Thomas Kidd Kinmond (b. 20 July 1822[7] – d. 1 August 1895[8]). Earlier than the Albert Institute subscription (1863), William Halley junior had also been a member of the firm but had left by the mid-1850s.[9] The business was that of calenderers and was based in the Cowgate throughout its existence.

James Strachan was resident at 37 South Tay Street when the business began about 1850[10] but soon moved to 109 Nethergate[11] and then Seafield Lane/23 Seafield Road,[12] before making his home at Vine Bank, Albert Road, West Ferry.[13]

Thomas Kidd Kinmond lived at 1 Wellington Street in 1850[10] but soon moved to 6 Shore Terrace[14] and then 21 Springfield,[15] then 9 Airlie Place[16] before a final move to Hermon Hill. West Ferry.[17] Thomas married Margaret Watson Hynd in 1852[18] and after her death he married Mary Warden Duff in 1856.[19] They had Isabella (c.1858), Mary (c.1861), Robert (c.1864) and Alexandra (c.1866).[20] Thomas served a number of terms as Deacon of the Weavers[21] and also represented the Nine Trades as a Harbour Trustee.[22]

James Strachan does not seem to have been involved in public life. He was in Montrose when he died in 1881, although his usual residence was still Vine Bank.[6] The firm carried on after his death and still traded as Strachan, Kinmond & Co. after Thomas Kidd Kinmond’s death in 1895. The firm seems to have ceased trading about 1908.[5] Thomas left an estate valued at £6,610 17s. 9d. One of his executors was Arthur Bell,[23] founder of the Perth whisky firm, who was probably a relation through his marriage to Isabella Warden Duff (their son was called Arthur Kinmond Bell).[24]


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