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William Myles Esquire

William Myles became one of Dundee's most highly regarded accountants during a career spanning almost half a century. He numbered many companies and noted individuals among his clients. Latterly, his nephew, David Myles became a partner in his business.

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Personal details and history

Full name

William Myles

Date of birth


Place of birth

Hillend, Parish of Kirriemuir[1]



Marital status


Name of spouse




Home address

67 Magdalen Green (1869-1879)[2][3]

Age at death:

72 years[4]

Place of death:

Balwhyme, Alyth[4] - at the home of his late brother John

Date of death:



Western Cemetery

Affiliations, clubs, offices and related subscribers

Religious affiliation

Established Church. Known to have worshipped in the South Church.[5] Latterly, he became a member of St Mark's Church, closer to his residence.[6]

Political affiliation


Clubs / societies


Public offices

It was reported that William Myles took no part in public affairs.[5]

Related subscribers

Career and worklife




Self Employed

Place of work

W & D Myles, accountants[7][3]

Work address

11 Reform Street (circa 1846-1879)[8][3]

Career to date:

Coming as he did from near Cortachy, north of Kirriemuir, William Myles, as a youth, entered the office of Mr Nicoll, then factor for the Earl of Airlie.[5] Subsequently, he went to Edinburgh.[5] William Myles' working life in Dundee began circa 1835[5][9] when he held the office of accountant within the branch of the Royal Bank there.[5] Some years later,circa 1839,[5] he worked as an accountant with John Bell, writer, in Castle Street[10][11] before setting up practice on his own account from 11 Reform Street.[8] His business remained at that location for the remainder of his working life.[3]

More information

William Myles was one of nine children born to Robert Myles, a farmer, and his wife, Catherine Ramsay.[1] His father, Robert, was a life tenant of Hillend and Redhall,[12] on the Airlie estate,[6] near Cortachy.[12] Having first been taken into the office of the estate factor, William subsequently went to Edinburgh.[5]

In the second half of the 1830s, William Myles was employed as an accountant within the newly opened branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland in Dundee,[9] before joining the office of John Bell, writer, in Castle Street.[10][11]

Over a period of forty years, William Myles developed ‘a large and most respectable business as accountant.’[6] It was reported that his ‘remarkable sagacity, energy and probity soon garnered a sizeable clientele and, from then, he carried on a large and successful business,’[5] claiming clients from the most influential companies and families in Dundee.

By 1867, William Myles assumed as his partner, Mr David Myles, his nephew. David had long been associated with his uncle in the carrying out of business. Their firm was titled ‘W & D Myles,’ accountants.[7]

David Myles went on to forge an even more successful career than his uncle. It was stated that ‘in his uncle’s (William) time, there was no important bankruptcy in Dundee or indeed in Forfarshire with which the firm was not connected and, since then, the confidence which professional and other men reposed in his uncle (William) was extended to Mr (David) Myles.’[13] It would appear that integrity and a sound work ethic sustained William Myles throughout his life, working, as he did, until shortly before his death.

William Myles died at the home of his late brother, John, at Balwhyme, near Alyth. An unmarried gentleman, William Myles made provision for his remaining siblings from his amassed estate of over £21,000.[14]



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