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William Scott Esquire

A Jedburgh-born architect involved in the public buildings of Dundee for over thirty years. He was also responsible for many private commissions in and around Dundee, including the National Bank of Scotland across Albert Square from the Albert Institute.

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Personal details and history

Full name

William Scott

Date of birth


Place of birth




Marital status


Name of spouse

Ann Miller[1][3]


James (c.1826) and William (c.1832).[2]

Home address

New Buildings, Nethergate, Dundee, c.1837-1838.[4]
5 South Union Street, Dundee, c.1842-1850.[5]
80 Nethergate, Dundee, c.1853-1854.[6]
43 South Tay Street, Dundee, c.1856-1857.[7]
4 Comely Bank, Constitution Road, Dundee, c.1858-1859.[8]
4 Laurel Bank, Dundee, c.1861-1868.[9]
8 Laurel Bank, Dundee, c.1869-1872.[10]

Age at death:

Place of death:


Date of death:



Western Cemetery, Dundee (compartment 7 156 a,b,c.)[12]

Affiliations, clubs, offices and related subscribers

Religious affiliation


Political affiliation


Clubs / societies

Architect, Dundee District of Forfarshire Prison Board, c.1850-1865.[13] Assessor, Valuation of Lands Act, c.1856-1859.[14]

Public offices

Superintendent of Public Works, Dundee, c.1837-1843. Town Architect, Dundee, c.1844-1872.[15] Superintendent of Town's Property, Dundee, c.1846-1847.[16]

Related subscribers

Subscriber no 235 – William Scott jr – his son.

Subscriber no.100 – John Henderson – he designed the National Bank of Scotland where Henderson was the agent.

Subscriber no.169 – National Bank of Scotland – he designed the National Bank of Scotland‘s Dundee branch.

Career and worklife




Employee of Dundee Town Council and also in private practice[1]

Place of work

Architect's Office

Work address

15 High Street, Dundee, c.1842-1845.[18]
41 Reform Street, Dundee, c.1846-1847.[16]
4 Reform Street, Dundee, c.1850-1859.[19]
19 High Street, Dundee, c.1861-1865.[20]
10 Reform Street, Dundee, c.1867-1872.[21]

Career to date:

William Scott came to Dundee in 1836 to act as clerk of works to George Angus on the construction of the prison.[1] He was persuaded to stay on by being offered various minor posts.[1] James Black, Town Architect died in 1841, but it took some while for Scott to be appointed, as there was some opposition to the move among local architects.[1] He designed a number of public buildings and was involved in works at the Court House and Bridewell for a number of years, leading to a position as the Prison Board architect. Other notable works were Forfar Town & County Hall, 1847; Dundee Public Baths, 1847; Murroes Parish Church, 1848; Inchture Parish School, 1851; East Poorhouse and Maryfield Hospital, 1854; National Bank of Scotland, Reform Street, 1854; Kinnell Parish Church, 1855; Fernbrae, 1860; St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, Lochee; Eastern Necropolis, 1862 and the West Poorhouse,1862.[1]

More information

William Scott was born in Jedburgh, c.1803.[3] He married Ann Miller, who was born in Ancrum, Roxburghshire, and their two sons were born in Edinburgh before William came to Dundee.[2] He designed new Fish and Meat Markets for Dundee in 1868. Due to failing health he reduced his workload after 1869.[1]


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